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Editorial Review
Song of the Flutist

Song of the Flutist

When the leaders of two city-states in ancient Etruria battle each other for dominance—in both ways subtle and otherwise---the common people are those most affected. Song of the Flutist follows Risa Laris, the daughter of an important man in the city-state of Tarchna. When her father and his inventive skills are lured away to nearby enemy city of Cisra, Risa must pay the consequences of being shunned by all those around her and find a way to bring her fractured family back together.
                  …Set in a time period about which so little is known, the story is filled with details of daily Etruscan life and culture….The characters…drawn in broad strokes…are engaging…Maps and cover art mimic the Etruscan artwork discussed often by the characters…in this rarely seen time and place, this story is worth reading for the details of Etruscan life alone.

—Historical Novel Society 1997-2013
Review by Megan Kitzman


When civilization seems to only exist in one spot, surrounded by barbarianism, it cannot last forever. Song of the Flutist is a work of historical fiction from Rosalind Burgundy telling of three generations of the highly advanced society of the Etruscans, where equal rights are all around and life seems to be great for all those involved. But as the prophecy heralds doom this good thing may come to an end. A worthy read of historical fiction, Song of the Flutist is a finely recommended read, not to be overlooked.”

—Midwest Book Review
Oregon, Wisconsin