Historical Fiction and Action/Adventure novels of Ancient Etruscans
by Rosalind Burgundy

Historic Fiction
Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman, Historical Novel by Rosalind Burgundy

Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman

A modern classic for the thoughtful reader. Selected by Italian America Magazine for 700 book clubs nationwide.

Forced on an unwanted journey through the Mediterranean 2600 years ago—married, childless Noblewoman Larthia uses her charm, sex and scribing tools to outwit her foes.

"…A wonderful narrative…filled with excitement and surprises to satisfy any reader."
Ralph Ferraro, The Italian American Press, MA

"…This book would go well with a feast fit for a king or princess, goblets of wine and an occasional cold wind blowing."
Lane Willey, Book Reviewer, Sierra Mountain Times, CA

"An extraordinary read. So little is known of the Etruscans. Ms. Burgundy has pulled off a nearly impossible feat. The story of Larth/Larthia is unpredictable and heart wrenching. As Mary Renault is to the Greeks, Steven Saylor is to the Romans, Pauline Gedge is to the Egyptians, Ursula K. LeGuin to the Early Latins/Trojans and Mika Waltari to all of the above…so I believe Rosalind Burgundy is a "scribe" for the mysterious Etruscans. This is historic fiction at its finest. A pearl of a story that I hope more people will discover and enjoy."
Review for amazon.com books by Ms.K, Los Angeles, CA

Tuscan Intrigue, Action/Adventure Novel by Rosalind Burgundy

Tuscan Intrigue

For the Italian traveler or Italo-phile. An Editor’s Choice Award.

Searching for the elusive criminals who left her famous father comatose after a bomb blast, cultural arts historian Amanda Oliver stumbles into a world of thugs, tomb robbers, obsessed archeologists and greedy collectors seeking a priceless Etruscan sarcophagus.

"…Engaging…compelling…unique…suspenseful. The entire novel is lived exquisitely through Amanda’s perspective…the story unfolds in a seemingly self-propelling manner…[explored with]…questions about her relationship with Wes, her father, her brother and ultimately with Trent. The descriptive phrasing is so vivid that the scene in which Amanda discovers Joanna comes alive with the dank smells of the putrid cave, the darkness, and finally the whiff of fresh air leading them out of the tunnel. Excellent!"
Editorial Board, iUniverse

"…A many-layered elegant dessert…mystery…suspense…detective story…romance…magic with an icing of historic fact…”
Jack Karshaw, Manhattan, NY

"Will be enjoyed by mystery lovers and fans of page turners everywhere.  Highly recommended."
M. Williams, Sonora, CA

The Etruscans may have vanished from the earth, but their spirits still permeate our souls in the 21st century. Rosalind Burgundy's NEW RELEASE takes you to Etruria, when the extraordinary Etruscans civilized central Italy two thousand years before Dante, Michelangelo and the Medici of the Renaissance.

Historical Fiction
Song of the Flutist, Historical Novel by Rosalind Burgundy

Song of the Flutist

Epic of the Ancient Etruscans

3 generations of the ambitious Porenna-Laris Clan.
2 powerful rival cities threaten to tear apart this noble family.
1 mysterious Flutist guides their journey to the afterlife.
Meanwhile, the Great Prediction heralds doom.
Amidst pestilence, tyranny, deceit and murder, sophisticated Etruria prospers. Magnificent temples, sumptuous dwellings and roads with arched bridges dot the land. Men revere women. Women own property. Couples eat together at banquets wearing fashionable tunics and stylish leather shoes, while the rest of the cosmos goes barefoot. Wealth, wisdom and artistic beauty abound. Opulent tombs provide for eternal contentment. Praise the gods! Glory to the Etruscans!

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Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman
Tuscan Intrigue
Song of the Flutist: Epic of the Ancient Etruscans