Song of the Flutist, Historical Novel by Rosalind Burgundy

Song of the Flutist

Poignant! Poetic! Profound!

(Palm Beach, FL) From the author of Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman and Tuscan Intrigue comes the third in a trio of Etruscan-Italian novels. Rosalind Burgundy brings those ancient people to life in Song of the Flutist: Epic of the Ancient Etruscans.

You might never have heard of the Etruscans, but they were one of the building blocks of Western Civilization. Two thousand years before Dante, Michelangelo and the Medici of the Renaissance, the unique Etruscans civilized central Italy.

Song of the Flutist is an engaging story of three generations of wealth, wisdom, deceit, honor, passion, beauty, death and life’s purpose, sure to be thought-provoking to readers. The Porenna-Laris-Vella-Vibenna Clan live and journey between two rival cities and the Mediterranean, encountering the unexpected with a cast of bristly characters, co-mingling Etruscan art with food, wine, romance and murder.

“Why the Etruscans? I’ve been infatuated with their art and philosophy since I lived in Rome and worked as a Technical Illustrator and Curator in the Forum,” Burgundy says. “Over the years I’ve gone into tombs, explored every major and village Etruscan museum, and researched throughout the Mediterranean to develop these novels. Tuscan Intrigue is a tribute to our ancestor artists who created marvelous objects of beauty that enrich our lives today. Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman is about a childless married female who lived 2600 years ago whose values were as modern as 21st century women surviving hardship and life trials.”

Compelling and extraordinary, Song of the Flutist will grab your attention and keep you thoroughly absorbed.

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Publication: November 2010
Trade Paperback: 352 pages; 978-1-4502-5660-5
Hardback: 352 pages; 978-1-4502-5662-9