Song of the Flutist, Historical Novel by Rosalind Burgundy
Re-awakening the Etruscan soul…

Song of the Flutist

A finely recommended read. When civilization seems to only exist in one spot, surrounded by barbarianism, it cannot last forever. Song of the Flutist is a work of historical fiction from Rosalind Burgundy, telling of three generations of the highly advanced society of the Etruscans, where equal rights are all around and life seems to be great for all those involved. But as the prophecy heralds doom, this good thing may come to an end. A worthy read of historical fiction, Song of the Flutist is a finely recommended read, not to be overlooked.”
Midwest Book Review (Oregon, Wisconsin, USA)

Wow! What a history we have! The world as we know it didn’t spring into existence. It’s been growing and evolving as civilized humanity for thousands of years. We come from a long line of worldwide ancestors. I dived into the past and fished out the most precious and interesting one to me, the ancient Etruscan culture [1100 B.C.E. to 100 B.C.E.] to re-awaken the Etruscan soul.”
Rosalind Burgundy, Twenty-first century author

Immerse yourself in all three Etruscan novels. Song of the Flutist, and Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman are set in the ancient world [circa 800-550 B.C.E.]. Tuscan Intrigue is a contemporary work of history and fiction from the views of archeologists and adventurers.

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Publication: November 2010
Trade Paperback: 352 pages; 978-1-4502-5660-5
Hardback: 352 pages; 978-1-4502-5662-9

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