Song of the Flutist, Historical Novel by Rosalind Burgundy

Second in a trio of Etruscan Italian novels


An archeological escapade through the
Etruscan-Italian countryside

An explosion in a tomb sends famous archeologist Montgomery Adams into an Italian hospital, seriously burned and comatose. His daughter, Amanda Oliver, a cultural arts historian and quasi-archeologist, rushes from San Francisco to his bedside. Simultaneously, the mysterious disappearance of Montgomery's assistant and lover, Joanna, brings her brother, lichenologist Trent Winston, to Orvieto. While the police are stalling the investigation, Amanda is chased, threatened, abducted and framed as she attempts to seek the culprits herself. Stumbling into the complex world of obsessed archeologists, greedy collectors and murderous tomb robbers, Amanda learns they all seek a priceless, exquisite third Etruscan Sarcophagus of the Married Couple. Someone thinks Amanda knows where it is—and that someone wants her dead.

Putty Face's footsteps crunched on the gravel behind me. His erratic breathing, panting like a thirsty animal, paralyzed me. I opened my mouth to protest but no sound came. In a split second, the pressure of his hands on my back told his intention. He shoved hard.
I pitched forward and the ground under my feet disappeared. My arms flailed clumsily when I grabbed out for something to stop my fall but met only air. His fierce thrust sped my descent, and I tumbled uncontrollably, bouncing off bare rock outcroppings, each slam increasing my dizziness, bruising and weakening me.
Mercifully, I blacked out.

Rosalind Burgundy's enchantment for the Etruscans' amazing culture began when she worked as Technical Illustrator and Curator for a renowned archeologist in the Roman Forum. After more than forty years as an educator/lecturer, wife, mother and world traveler, she returns to her life-long interest to create a trio of novels on that ancient civilization. Ms Burgundy brings the Etruscan world into the 21st century with Tuscan Intrigue, while she sets the classic historic fiction, Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman, and a three-generation family epic, Song of the Flutist, in Etruscan Italy, twenty six hundred years ago. Ms Burgundy divides her time between the California Central Sierra and the Florida Palm Beach Coast.

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Publication: May 2005
Trade Paperback: 296 pages; 0-595-34301-5
Cloth Hardback: 296 pages; 0-595-67100-4