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Armchair traveling this summer? Or are you flying to Italy? Prepare for your holidays with Rosalind Burgundy’s novel, Tuscan Intrigue, that takes you a world away...

Umberto Pirro, Questore. Police chief. He had already learned everything about Montgomery Adams, having traced his visas and permits through the American Embassy in Rome.

In a perverse police-like way, he enjoyed quizzing, getting feedback on my father’s illness. His wariness increased and he threw out devious allegations. Was there bad blood between relatives? Did they think I planted a bomb to kill Dad or contracted someone to do it?

There was nothing else to tell him and I didn’t mention the Nurse’s story or the tourist information clerk’s account.

“Someone tried to kill my father.”

Pirro shrugged his shoulders. “What an accusation! It was a small discharge, a piccolo bomb. Accidente. It happens.”

The Questore was indifferent. Maybe he was jaded or had seen an excess of murder. “What will you do about it?” I asked.

“We will investigate, Signora, and be in contact.”

Beckoned to Italy, cultural arts historian and quasi-archeologist Amanda Oliver is on a search to find her famous father’s elusive would-be killers. While the Questore suspects her, Amanda is suspicious of everyone she meets, especially Lichenologist Trent who claims to be looking for his sister, missing since the bomb blast in an Etruscan tomb.

For Burgundy’s other classic Etruscan-Italian inspired novels, read Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman and Song of the Flutist.

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