Song of the Flutist, Historical Novel by Rosalind Burgundy

Odyssey of anEtruscan Noblewoman

A slip of the tongue, a tiny action, can change a life’s course.

 “Let me see,” he teased, his hand diving under the cushion. “What’s this? Hellenic words!”
“Don’t tell anyone,” I pleaded. “Please.”
“What words are they?”
“Poetry of Sappho. It soothes me with its beauty.”
“Who are you? You’re not a hetaera by calling. That first night I knew you were quick-witted. You saw through that quarrel with the judge.”
“It doesn’t matter anymore.”
“You speak Etruscan. Did you scribe this?”
He looked at me, dumbfounded. “A woman who scribes. I can only scribe numbers for my trade, not words.”
“Women can do many things.”
“Have care what you do---and say. I give you warning.”

Larthia is unlike any other Etruscan noblewoman. For her duplicity, she is exposed, an outcast by decree. Bounced throughout the Mediterranean world of pre-Rome, Hellas (Greece) and Egypt, the scribe must fend for herself or die.

Rosalind Burgundy writes like no other contemporary author. She blends the spirit of the ancient Etruscans, their thoughts and insights, with the 21st century western mind's view of human emotion. Burgundy’s two other novels, Tuscan Intrigue and Song of the Flutist complete this Etruscan historic fiction trio.

Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman is:
“A riveting novel of the ancient world, recommended…”
Midwest Book Review, Oregon, WI

“Absolutely beautiful. An extraordinary read.”
Amazon Book Reviewer Ms. K, Los Angeles, CA

“A wonderful book that should not be missed. This book will remain in our memories for some time.”
Reader Jann Williams, AZ

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Publication: November 2005
Trade Paperback: 347 pages; 1-4134-1622-5
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