Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman, Historical Novel by Rosalind Burgundy

Odyssey of anEtruscan Noblewoman

If you were alive 2,600 years ago in the Mediterranean world, would you have been a barbarian or an Etruscan Noble? Who knows!

In sophisticated, stylish Etruria, Noblewoman Larthia’s fate was marked:

'Who shall be the first to enter?'
No one stirred. None answered.
Supreme Etruscan prince-priests, magistrates from each of the Twelve Peoples, stood stiffly before the great dome-mound wearing ceremonial garb befitting the occasion. Lesser officials and court staffs crowded about them. Glad to be invited, I stayed happily in the outer circle with my fellow scribes from other city-states.
As well dressed as they, I blended in with confidence. My trim linen tunic, male length to the knee, met high-strapped sandals. Zilath’s gift of gold clasp pinned fabric at my shoulder. The pouch with my prized scribing tools hung from a gold-threaded rope belt. My plain mid-length straight hair and nearly hairless jaw gave me a boyish appearance.
'It’s a glorious day to be in Cisra’s City of the Dead,' the scribe next to me whispered.
…All gave excuse, but none said the real reason. They were afraid…
'My noble Scribe Larth is named after the famous Princess Larthia. I choose him,' Zilath announced.
Trumpets blared.
Had I heard right? Zilath joked. He couldn’t mean me.

Kissed by the Etruscan spirit, Rosalind Burgundy has been in most of the Etruscan tombs and museums in central Italy. The results are documented in her powerful, authentic, Etruscan Historic Fiction, a genre not identified in novels until Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman, Tuscan Intrigue and Song of the Flutist.


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Publication: November 2005
Trade Paperback: 347 pages; 1-4134-1622-5
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