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Etruscan Bean Soup

Tuscany—first settled by the ancient Etruscan people who gardened in rich soil and produced abundant crops. In the Mediterranean world there was no better place to establish a tradition of feasting than Etruria. While it’s difficult to document, they may have harvested the bush form of the white kidney-shaped beans known as cannellini. Perhaps Tuscan Bean Soup evolved that far back in time. Even today, no kitchen garden is complete without a generous supply of cannellini beans grown in the region.

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The Etruscans shine forth in celebrating life by seasonal feasting, banqueting to honor birth, marriage and death. Hey! They were the earliest known “foodies.”

There are many recipes and a bewildering amount of ingredients for Tuscan bean soup. Rosalind choses one to share with Readers for its simplicity and Etruscan Italian inspired ingredients.

If you enjoy cooking, eating and reading, view www.etruscan-italy.com for details of Etruscan Fiction, and email Rosalind for her bean soup choice.

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