Rosalind Burgundy's Etruscan Historic Fiction

Rosalind Burgundy, Author    Why does Author Rosalind Burgundy, an American by birth, write Historic Fiction in the 21st century, of an ancient culture that existed 2,600 years ago?

    “Traveling as a young woman, I fell in love with Italy. When I lived and worked in Rome’s Forum, I became interested in the Etruscans, a neglected pre-Italic people. They were special, modern in outlook, with equal status for men and women. That was a refreshing concept in the 1960’s. They weren’t in my American university history textbooks like the Greeks and Romans, because they were considered mythical.
    Rome’s Villa Guilia Museum taught me otherwise. It has archeological evidence of Etruscan existence. I became enchanted with their piece of history. Not interested in an academic Pd.D., I pursued research personally, sifting through volumes of scholars’ studies and findings, visiting more Etruscan museums and tombs throughout towns and valleys of what had been Etruria. Hey! They weren’t an isolated offshoot of humankind but the backbone of Italy’s history!
    Over the years, it came to me that I could help change the disfranchisement of the Etruscans. What if novels would be the way to introduce the Etruscans into the history of Western Civilization? What if American Readers could be entertained to learn history through an imaginative narrative? What if contemplation of another society’s philosophies could be included in a realm of thought? Inspired, I produced my Etruscan Historic Fiction: Song of the Flutist; Tuscan Intrigue, and Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman.”

    Burgundy is a down-to-earth wife, mother, grandmother, world traveler, retired college instructor, well rounded in academia and the arts. She lives very much in the present, but with her Etruscan spirit, Burgundy had her DNA tested. It shows her heritage goes way back to the Haplogroup H who migrated from Africa’s Olduvai Gorge (according to the Genographic Project sponsored by National Geographic DNA Scientist, Dr. Spencer Wells).

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