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What readers from all walks of life are saying about:
Song of the Flutist

Song of the Flutist by Rosalind Burgundy

Song of the Flutist

“I found Song of the Flutist to be an intriguing book. I was captured by the characters and their history from the start and could hardly put the book down until I finished reading. The story of the exciting Etruscans was diverse and stimulating. Their lives and deeds related to their period in history while they also were connected to modern day life and living. People truly do not change despite their time in history or beliefs. The Etruscans lived life fully and prepared for death in a novel way to insure their perpetual happiness. Many lessons were learned from this novel that will remain with me for a long time"

—Kenneth E. Simone, MBA, Berkeley Heights, NJ

"Rosalind Burgundy's knowledge and experience of Etruscan history shines through. Characters are beautifully devious and weave devious plots. The end of the story was brilliant. Burgundy's understanding of human thought and emotion is uncanny."

Thomas M. Smith, (retired policeman), Twain Harte, CA

"Upon completing this book, the third of Rosalind Burgundy's Etruscan trio, you will have your own opinion of the Flutist's message, his song. And perhaps Ms. Burgundy had a still different theme, but here is what I heard: characters who demanded access to you so they could tell their stories, live their lives, and leave their histories for all future generations. I'm sure Ms. Burgundy thinks she created the characters and their tales, but these are not the usual fragile beings of a fictional world; these are strong, sinewy people—men, women, fathers, daughters, wives, lovers who are aware of their influence not only on their contemporary world, but also on the future. Their words and actions seem to be dictating to the author what they want her to record. Yes, the author did her research—no doubt, painstakingly—but Ms. Burgundy did something much more valuable. She listened to their story, to their song. So that is how a forgotten civilization comes alive in all its rich layers. It's as if there is no narrator, no 'middleman.' The denizens of ancient Etruria speak for themselves. You can't get closer to the truth than that."

—S. M. Davidson, Ph.D., and 25 years Chair of Advanced Book Writers' Group,
West Palm Beach Library, FL

"Wow! I'm impressed with Rosalind Burgundy's writing. I loved the book, Song of the Flutist and at times couldn't put it down. Now I am going to read Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman."

—Joyce Ames, R.N., Sonora Eye Surgery Center, Sonora, CA

Reading a GREAT book right now…Song of the Flutist, by Rosalind Burgundy! Pairs perfectly with spring weather and a bottle of Candoni Pinot Grigio or Pinot  Noir! Sit back and enjoy. You'll feel like you're in Ancient Etruscan Italy!”

—Rebecca Nort, Marketing Manager, Candoni Wines, Atlanta, GA and Italy

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