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What readers are saying about: Tuscan Intrigue

Tuscan Intrique

“In her novel, 'Tuscan Intrigue' Rosalind Burgundy weaves mystery, adventure, romance and history into a captivating tapestry. Set in contemporary Italy, the novel revels in the sights and flavors of the Tuscan and Umbrian countryside. And, it is a landscape that the author knows well, having worked in the Roman Forum as a Technical Illustrator and Curator of Etruscan artifacts.” Read full review

— Kathie I-L
Review written for Books

“Right from the start, Tuscan Intrigue kept me Intrigued until the end…I enjoy stories that transport me to a new place and things that could really happen. Rosalind Burgundy's story had all that and more!”

— Angela J.
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

“Tuscan Intrigue is like a many-layered elegant dessert. The first layer is a mystery, "Who nearly killed Amanda's father?" The second is a detective story as Amanda tries to uncover the bombers. The third is suspense as Amanda becomes the target of the villains. There is also a layer of romance with an additional dollop of magic, perfectly blended. Throughout, like icing, is information. The reader learns about international art dealings, Tuscany and Umbria, fine restaurants (the real names of some of the best in Italy), and the fascinating Etruscans of pre-Roman Italy. Taken together, with excellent writing and careful construction, this dessert is truly a delicious read!”

— Jack Karshaw
Manhattan, New York

Rosalind's Tuscan Intrigue makes me want to take off for Italy, like Amanda Oliver, the main character. I didn't realize the back story of archeologists and collectors was so intertwined. Greed, betrayal and love, with lots of surprises make this a fun read.

— T. Promessi, CA
Review written for Books

All of the effort, travel, research and work put into this book shine through. Tuscan Intrigue earns a Top 10 spot on my personal lifetime reading list. I have read it twice and anticipate another reading in the future.”

— Jeff Janke
Paradise, California

Took Tuscan Intrigue on my trip to Europe and really enjoyed reading it. Keep on writing these novels---they are great!”

— Dr. A. Spring
Gainesville, Florida

“Tuscan Intrigue will be enjoyed by mystery lovers and fans of page turners everywhere. The plot moves quickly through one twist after another—you won’t want to put the book down until you find out what happens. Burgundy’s vivid writing brings the Italian countryside to life. She adds interesting historical details that make this more than just another mystery. Highly recommended!”

— M. Williams
Sonora, California

It’s a kick!”
— Marilyn D.
Twain Harte, California

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