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Editorial Reviews

Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman

Odyssey of an Etruscan Noblewoman
“Pacing is brisk in this insightful narrative weighty with historical detail... It’s an impressive arc that works on multiple levels…that allows for comparison of Etruscan ways with those of other cultures, including Rome and Egypt… a survival tale of lost heritage, homelessness and empowerment.”

Tuscan Intrique

An Editor's choice award, the Editorial Review Board says:

Tuscan Intrigue
“Engaging...compelling...unique...suspenseful. The entire novel is lived exquisitely through Amanda's perspective... The story unfolds in a seemingly self-propelling manner...[explored with]...questions about her relationships with Wes, her father, her brother, and ultimately, with Trent. The descriptive phrasing is so vivid [that] the scene in which Amanda discovers Joanna comes alive with the dank smells of the putrid cave, the darkness, and finally the whiff of fresh air leading tem out of the tunnel. Excellent!”

— The Editorial Review Board at iUniverse Publishers,
giving Tuscan Intrigue an Editor's Choice Award

Tuscan Intrique

Song of the Flutist
"When the leaders of two city-states in ancient Etruria battle each other for dominance—in both ways subtle and otherwise---the common people are those most affected. Song of the Flutist follows Risa Laris, the daughter of an important man in the city-state of Tarchna. When her father and his inventive skills are lured away to nearby enemy city of Cisra, Risa must pay the consequences of being shunned by all those around her and find a way to bring her fractured family back together.
                  …Set in a time period about which so little is known, the story is filled with details of daily Etruscan life and culture….The characters…drawn in broad strokes…are engaging…Maps and cover art mimic the Etruscan artwork discussed often by the characters…in this rarely seen time and place, this story is worth reading for the details of Etruscan life alone."

—Historical Novel Society 1997-2013
Review by Megan Kitzman

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